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What is it all about?

Journey To My Queendom Part 1 and 2 are books of poems that depicts my life story. These books have become my road to self-discovery. These poems cured me of all the pain I was holding on the inside of me. I am now free!
Writing these poems relieved me from years of internal suffering. I created this literature to give myself a voice that people could hear.  I was no longer burdened by silencing 20 years of trauma that held on to. I was on a road of self-destruction. Writing saved me.

Why tHese Books?

Let’s take a look why you should buy these books?

In These Books, You’ll Learn:

  • How to be  self-awareness
  • How to avoid using trauma as a “crutch”
  • How to take your power back
  • How to free yourself from pain
  • How to claim your victory 
  • How to renew your mind
  • How to enjoy yourself again
  • How to become a better version of yourself.

Queen Tamara

“Our stories mode us into the people we are to become.”
Pick up a copy of Journey to My Queendom and get inspired by my story. I am “Queen Tamara.” I am destined for my greatness. I welcome you to the journey of your true identity.


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Journey To My Queendom Part 1 and 2 changed my life. This is a must read for people living in pain.  These books helped me face deep problems I have been wrestling with for years. The author Queen Tamara Is very transparent on tough issues she had to deal with.  Within these books she displays strength, courage and serenity. These books are inspirational and thought provoking.

Christy Edward



After the end of each poems, there is a question that make you stop and think. I love it! My favorite poems are Many Colors, Masterpiece, Beautiful Chaos and Eagle. PLEASE READ! VERY GOOD BOOKS!

John Maxwell



Journey To My Queendom Part 1 and 2 are beautiful poems that are very uplifting. In the unprecedented times we are living in today these books are very helpful. Queen Tamara have been through everything which makes her very relatable. After reading her books I believe I am an eagle who can fly high into victory.

Amilia Cane



Very Inspirational! A MUST READ! I couldn’t stop reading once I started!

Michael Leen




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